Study Challenge work on yourself (Entries open)

May be you scored 125 points. :+1:


@Asher @Binocular @Purity11 @FapRecovery @prince_king @Ryangosling @_TIGER @Trying_To_Do_Better @The_Brave_Pilot .This month challenge is going to End! On 31st March Reminding you all to submit your points if you have not submitted your points through replying here. :+1:
If you want to join next month challenge then Just reply I am In .


March 25-9 hrs
March 26-6 hrs
March 27-6 hrs
March 28-5 hrs
March 29-3 hrs

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Yo„ @_TIGER @anon77627886 @Binocular @prince_king You have not replied your points here can you tell me your Score of March?

:trophy::1st_place_medal: @Ryangosling :2nd_place_medal: @_TIGER :3rd_place_medal: @Trying_To_Do_Better Congratulations :tada: for winning march month study Challenge


130 hrs…bro @Faisal11

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If you want to join the challenge then you need to note the atleast estimated time of your studies and then you are in You don’t need any formalities just stay focused on your studies guys to avoid Your Addiction :boxing_glove:.

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