Stucked in chaser effect 😭

Pls help me I’m stucked in chaser effect
After relapsing at 75 th day I m not even able to cross 7 days
Still my mind is saying to watch P and relapse
I want to break this chain pls help me
Yesterday I relapsed twice😭
Today morning I m getting urges again
My mind is saying that leave everything and just watch P on screen. I have developed a never ending lust in my mind pls helppp


Brother come along me

Read the rules and join if you want to.
And for chaser, brother it only gets over when you really deny it that’s why you should join others dedicated to this aim and completely ruin the devil.

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There are times when I go for hours with my brain lying to me, saying “its not a big deal” or “it will be worth it this time”.
I have found that during these times a helpful tool is to talk out loud. I’ll go somewhere private where no one can hear me, and say (for example) “my brain wants me to watch porn because it thinks that it will feel good. But I’m not going to because I know better than that.”

Maybe its just me, but there’s something about saying it out loud that helps make it clear and obvious what to do, and helps me choose that. Of course its not a silver bullet but maybe it will help a little.

75 days is awesome! You can definitely get there again. If nothing else, at least you have a strong desire to break free, and so long as you have that, you will eventually find victory.


You need to fight with yourself to come out it. No one can draw a perfect line unless you find a way brother. We all are in the same boat. Don’t give up and push yourself as much as you can. I believe in you, surely you’ll come out it.


The same is happening with me I can understand at times I also feel maybe I’ll be stuck in this cycle of reboot relapse forever.

But we must not let thoughts like this bring us down we have to keep trying and keep getting up again

I have noticed that if you relapse that day it will be tough for you to be positive again but the next day after a good 7-8 hrs sleep lil hope returns don’t let the chaser get you on this next day and keep moving forward


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