Struggling with Depression. Just Want Some Help

It’s been almost a month since my best friends stabbed me in the back. Still depressed. Just need some advice to get through it, kind words, anything…


I feel you… I’m trying to find some better friends due to some things that I just can’t accept that they’re doing, but they’re all I got. If it’ll help any: Just remember that Jesus is the only friend you need. He’ll be your number one priority WHEN you get to Heaven. You won’t even have to worry about those friends. Find hope in Jesus. Find hope in love. And then let that love shine through you to your friends, and then maybe they’ll see who you are and regret what they did. Let God win, always. Pray about this a lot. Let God handle it. Don’t try and handle this burden on your own. I love you sister, hang in there. “Pain demands to be felt” - Somewhere in the Fault in Our Stars (I think it’s from “An Imperial Affliction”)

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, k?


Thank you for this reminder. I know. I’ve been relying on Jesus a lot to get through this. He is the only one who’s been there for me as of late, even though I don’t deserve it.

I’m kind of in a tough place… One of them said really mean things to me but said she would be there if I needed help working through what she said. I didn’t plan on taking up her offer but I’m so tired of being depressed I’m actually considering it. Just to let her know what her words actually did to me. She still calls me on the phone once a week and I don’t talk to her about what’s going on in my head and heart anymore… I even told her about NoFap before this… Should I let her know how I’ve been feeling or just keep blowing it off?

I’m trying not too… Can’t shake the feeling that I’d be better off none existant, you know?

thanks, Chris. :blush:

Yeah. Just not sure which I’ll be at the end of this


If it kills you then you better die fighting aight? I believe in you!!

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