Struggling! Help me pls

I am not able to even have a steak for 2 days. Everyday I’m relapsing. But not Able to control my sexual desire.


Hello brother,

I’m not an expert in this community, I’m also a starter like you but currently I’m on my 8th day.

We can’t control ourselves just like that, it will take some time to heal but everything is in you mind. Once you control it you can control the world around you. Whenever I’m getting urges I’m opening this app and will start reading the messages posted by our fellow brother who are also struggling, but that’s not a solution it’s a start. Your need to start somewhere for you long lasting journey to divine life. You are the only person who can find that start.

Please read this below article this may help you to find the start. Wishing you all the best and it’s very nice of you to join this community :blush:


I have my own theory that someone have to suffer enough from something and then he TRULY decide that this is over and its time to change. I struggled whole 1 year, few days relapse, few days relapse. Now i decide to quite it seriously and i know that it Will last. You have to decide that you do not want it, and it have to be true for you. Logically and emotionally.


I’m agreed with @udaCisie


Keep with it! You can do this, have faith. It is a slow process, just always try to lengthen your time between relapse. I’m struggling too, only on day 5, but it really is true when people say it’s best to eliminate triggers completely and stay busy. I’ve tried many times to eliminate triggers by watching less tv and using my phone and certain apps less, but you must completely get rid of them, at least for the time being, to reduce your triggers. If your eye causing you to sin, tear it out. Really stay busy. Get hobbies that keeping you active and interested.

Hang in there man, it will take a while but we can all win!

God bless.

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