👑 Strongholds (Challenge Complete)

@rewiredretired you can be.

Blue and Orange team are already full so I’ll add you to the list for Green and Red.

What is your current streak?

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Daily Checkin :white_check_mark:

  • Ser Reaper
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My streak is 99 days😀


Im a simple man
I see @Keats I join the challenge :sunglasses:
Code: tpu6g7
Current streak: 2


@rewiredretired wow, great job!

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@ali4th haha, :grin: :+1: :fist_right: :fist_left:

Added you.


Looks interesting :fire: I’m in
Current strike : 2

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@Midoriya-Izuku I have signed you up. Good to have you.

Just need 6 more players.

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Completed day 2 (Aug 31)


I want to join,
my code is : f8e4fe

Current streak : Day 3
Highest streak : 8 days

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Q1: If a player escapes and the king allows him back in,
Would he get his Wal/tower back?

  1. in case “the other team” still contol my tower

  2. in case “the next in line in my team” control it

Q2 : is the challenge between 2 teams is set for certain amount of time? And then we count points?
If so how long each match ?

And btw it seems very fun and motivating, so, thank you


Ans 1.1 in case the other team controls your tower you won’t get it back until the person/player controlling your and their own tower relapses.
Ans 1.2 even I am not sure about it.

Ans 2 the challenge is not set for a certain amount of time . the battle ends whenever a team reaches 0 morale . if no team reaches 0 morale then the battle will go on indefinitely , which isn’t bad in itself as everyone involved in the battle would have a really good streak by that time.
hope it helps.


I have a doubt. Is this challenge Monk Mode? Does sex count as a relapse?

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Hey bro i wanna join too
My sharing code 472ga0

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@Rab_J I’ve added you to the list.

Great questions, and great answers @shinsusenju

This is a good point. In this case the answer is yes if you were a Garrison Leader before the relapse - you would get your wall back.

However if you were a Knight or a King a relapse will lead to a demotion in rank.

So for example, if you were the King and relapsed, the Knight with the next highest streak would become King, the Garrison Leader with the next highest streak would become a Knight, and the wall he controlled would be given to the next Garrison Leader up from him in numbered sequence. If/when you returned to the stronghold you would then be given that wall to defend.

Hope this made sense. Thanks for asking because I wasn’t able to cover all these questions in the description of the challenge (seeing as it was already overlong)


Bro can you explain me about challenge

Bro can you explain me about challenge.

I would call this challenge Standard Mode as this guy defines it:

(thanks @keepFighting for pointing that thread out)

Basically, if you’re questioning whether or not you have relapsed in this challenge refer to the standard mode definition above.

However, if you’re currently doing hardmode (or even monkmode), you can still so that with this challenge - simply reset your streak when you feel you have broken either of these modes.


Click right here and you will be able to see all the rules and explanations regarding the challenge

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Thanks bro