👑 Strongholds (Challenge Complete)

:european_castle: Strongholds

1 :orange_square: 2 :large_blue_circle: 3 :blue_square: 1 :orange_square: 2 :large_blue_circle: 3 :orange_square:
4 :large_blue_circle: 5 :european_castle: 6 :large_blue_circle: 4 :large_blue_circle: 5 :european_castle: 6 :large_blue_circle:
7 :blue_square: 8 :large_blue_circle: 9 :orange_square: 7 :blue_square: 8 :large_blue_circle: 9 :orange_square:

---------Team Blue --------------------- Team Orange---------

1 :green_square: 2 :red_circle: 3 :red_square: 1 :red_square: 2 :red_circle: 3 :red_square:
4 :red_circle: 5 :european_castle: 6 :green_circle: 4 :red_circle: 5 :european_castle: 6 :green_circle:
7 :red_square: 8 :green_circle: 9 :green_square: 7 :green_square: 8 :green_circle: 9 :green_square:

--------Team Green-------------------------Team Red-----------

:white_flag: Morale

:heavy_minus_sign: 0------1-------2------3-------4-------5-------6------7------8 :heavy_plus_sign:

:heavy_minus_sign: :blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::blue_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: :heavy_plus_sign:

:heavy_minus_sign: :orange_square::orange_square::orange_square::orange_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: :heavy_plus_sign:

:heavy_minus_sign: :green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square::green_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: :heavy_plus_sign:

:heavy_minus_sign: :red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: :heavy_plus_sign:

:world_map: Positions

  1. :green_square: = Northwest Tower
  2. :green_circle: = North Wall
  3. :green_square: = Northeast Tower
  4. :green_circle: = West Wall
  5. :european_castle: = Great Hall
  6. :green_circle: = East Wall
  7. :green_square: = Southwest Tower
  8. :green_circle: = South Wall
  9. :green_square: = Southeast Tower

:large_blue_circle: Blue Stronghold

:moneybag: 36 Value Points

Positions Escape
:shield: Sir. Yash21 :black_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
8 :large_blue_circle: :orange_circle: :crossed_swords: TheBigSP :old_key:
3 :blue_square: 4 :large_blue_circle: :shield: Sir. Hyperion :white_check_mark:
:crossed_swords:PowerfulNFPWarrior :black_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
5 :european_castle: :crown: King shoreline :white_check_mark:
6 :large_blue_circle: 2 :orange_circle: :crossed_swords: fapstronautharn :white_check_mark:
7 :blue_square: 6 :orange_circle: :shield: Sir. Reaper097 :white_check_mark:
2 :large_blue_circle: 4 :orange_circle: :crossed_swords: VARAD :old_key:
7 :orange_square: :shield: Sir.Amigo :old_key:

:orange_circle: Orange Stronghold

:moneybag: 28 Value Points

Positions Escape
1 :orange_square: :blue_square: :shield: ysub :old_key:
:crossed_swords: Keats :white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
3 :orange_square: :shield: Sir.Desert_Rat :white_check_mark:
:crossed_swords: AlexanderDaGreat :black_medium_small_square::black_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
5 :european_castle: :crown: King shinsusenju :white_check_mark:
:crossed_swords: sheamus :black_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
9 :blue_square: :shield: Sir.piyushchandak :old_key:
:crossed_swords: medicomonk :white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
9 :orange_square: :shield: Sir.Duran :white_check_mark:

:green_circle: Green Stronghold

:moneybag: 32 Value Points

Positions Escape
1 :green_square: :shield: Sir.the_resilient_one :white_check_mark:
:crossed_swords: ali4th :black_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
7 :red_square: :shield: robertoyg :old_key:
:crossed_swords: nervana :white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
5 :european_castle: :crown: King _TIGER :white_check_mark:
6 :green_circle: :red_circle: :crossed_swords: prothekter_aden :white_check_mark:
:shield: Sir.Sauravkrr2 :white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
8 :green_circle: :red_circle: :crossed_swords: RaZat :white_check_mark:
9 :green_square: :red_square: :shield: Sir.Rab_J :white_check_mark:

:red_circle: Red Stronghold

:moneybag: 32 Value Points

Positions Escape
1 :red_square: 7 :green_square: :shield: Sir.WalKir :white_check_mark:
2 :red_circle: :green_circle: :crossed_swords: scorpion99 :white_check_mark:
3 :red_square: :green_square: :shield: Sir.simba92 :white_check_mark:
4 :red_circle: :green_circle: :crossed_swords: Midoriya-Izuku :white_check_mark:
5 :european_castle: :crown: King rewiredretired :white_check_mark:
:crossed_swords: erenyaeger :white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:
3 :green_square: :shield: mphexpert :old_key:
:crossed_swords: Probably2 :old_key:
:shield: Sir.keepFighting :black_medium_small_square::black_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square::white_medium_small_square: :link:

:crown: = King

:shield: = Knight

:crossed_swords: = Garrison Leader

:link: = Prisoner

:scroll: The Challenge

Click to read challenge details


• Set in the medieval period, four armies battle to defend their strongholds and expand their domain.

• This is a team challenge and will take place over two campaigns. The armies will battle in sets of two.

• Each campaign will last until one team from each battle loses all their morale or their stronghold

• In the second campaign, the victors from the first will face each other, as will the vanquished.

• Whatever ground has been won or lost in the first campaign will be what each team has to work with in the second.

:white_flag: Morale

Each team starts out with 8 morale points. A relapse causes a deduction in these points.

(Team Green has lost 1 point in the image below).

If the same individual relapses more than once the amount of points deducted increase each time depending on his role: Garrison Leader (-1,2,4,8), Knight (-2,4,8), King (-4,8).

Once one team’s morale reaches zero (for both battles) the campaign is over and the victors will be those who have gained the most ground.


A stronghold is ruled by

  1. :crown: A King - who defends the Great Hall and is represented by the player with the highest streak on that particular team.

  1. :shield: Four Knights - who defend the four towers in each stronghold. (All captured towers must also be defended by a Knight.)

  1. :crossed_swords: Four Garrison Leaders who guard the four walls with their garrisons. (All captured walls must also be defended by a Garrison Leader)

:link: Capture

• In the event a player is captured by the enemy (a relapse), the position that player defended falls to the combatant who occupies the same position in the enemy stronghold.

For example:

If Sir. Reginald…

Who guards the Northwest Tower for team Green

Were to be captured

Then Sir. Galahad who guards the Northwest Tower for team orange (the opposing team)

Would take control of that Tower as well

Now if after that, Sir. Galahad were to relapse, both the towers he controlled would go to the next Knight up in numbered sequence from Sir. Reginald in team Green - Sir. Guy of Gisbon in this case

And on it goes…

(This also applies to the different Garrisons Leaders defending and capturing the stronghold walls.)

:old_key: Escape

If, after capture by the enemy, the prisoner is able to go 5 days without relapse he will have escaped from his captors.

• At this point he may petition the King to allow him back in the defense of his team’s stronghold. The King has no obligation to bring him back, however, the return of any escaped prisoner into the stronghold increases that team’s morale by 1 point.

:bow_and_arrow: Victory

For victory, a team must gain more ground, and more valuable ground, than the enemy.

:moneybag: The most valuable positions are:

  1. :european_castle: The Great Hall (8 value points)
  2. :green_square: Towers (4 value points each)
  3. :green_circle: Walls (2 value points each)

Each team starts out with 32 value points.

:candle: Requirements to Join

Please only apply after you understand how the challenge works - explained above. :arrow_up: (Ask if you need more info)

  1. Provide sharing code and state your current streak when applying.

  2. A daily check in is not required (although its recommended for captured prisoners to check in for the 5 days needed to escape).

Important note: participants will be assigned their team based on their streak and the order in which they apply, so no need to request a specific role or placement.

That’s it.

(The challenge will start once all roles are filled)



Wow @Keats this looks amazing . Your creativity is out of this world .


i too am interested in this.
S.C - 8ods8l
exactly after 40 mins. 0 secs as of now NoFap#1 begins…


So if I want to join and also I wish to be in a certain color, I should try to time my joining :rofl::grin:


Haha, well it’s not as simple as that since I’m also basing it on your streak and won’t know where to place everyone exactly until I’ve got enough interested candidates for all teams.

But if you’re really obsessed with a certain color you could throw that out there and I’ll see what I can do :sweat_smile:


Ok so this is a team challenge , any one of the team mate relapse cause deduction in points.
My current streak : 3 days
Highest streak : 7 days
Code : dmjybm


This is cool :sunglasses:. My code: dw6zsa


That’s correct.

@Amigo @AlexanderDaGreat

I’ve added you both.


@Keats I’m In brother :fist:
SC : 7gdf2f


Nah, I’m not obsessed with any color(prefer orange or blue). I can live with anything. Only to achieve victory that matters.


@TheBigSP @Duran

Added you, friends



SC------- sqz5y6

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Added you, friend :+1:

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This looks cool, this is my first time joining any challenge in this forum. How do I join?


You just need to give me your sharing code and tell me what your current streak is (how long you’ve gone without relapsing)

Sharing code can be found here in the app:

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I’m so sorry, I was reading until I came across how to join

My sharing code- 39gdjz
My actual streak is 6 days (deduce 2 days from my displayed streak)

My max streak was 150days

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This is incredible! Such creativity! I would love to join. Please place me on whatever team you think best. Thank you!

My code: 0h4p32. Streak 9 days tonight.

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All good.

You can correct your displayed streak by hitting gthe thumbs down arrow and changing the date to reflect your actual streak

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Woahh you are very helpful to me. But I’m so sorry, last time I changed my streak but there occurred a glitch, the apps could not record my previously highest recorded streak. It was a bit uninspiring. But nevermind, i have recalibrated my streak

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No problem. 150 is a seriously impressive streak. Time to do it again.

I have added you to the challenge