Stress was my cause this time

I may lose my job, unless I transfer. I work in Retail as a Team Lead. We are getting a new manager who doesn’t want me in my current store.

I dont want to be fired. I love where I work, but I stressed so much, I desired to Google blondes to lust after. I then found one I really liked and relapsed.

Will I ever be free from masterbation?

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Didn’t get the connection between stress and relapse…! Btw what do you want to say here :point_up: can you be more specific?

Ok. I am stressing over my job situation. I may be fired if I don’t transfer to another location. So because I’m trying to figure out what I want, I felt completely stressed and used lustful images to decrease my stress. I’m still stressed, but not as much.

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Do you really think that erotic images will help you to make a peaceful mind?

No. But it is what my brain is set to as initial action to take.

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Now you got it that it’s not beneficial then don’t repeat this mistake again brother @Vortexkicker
I hope you find some other way to calm yourself, next time.

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Can we be compainions?

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Definitely why don’t we start today?

PMO is like an anti-stress, anti-anxiety, anti-loneliness, anti-boredom, anti-sadness, pleasure drug. And it is SOOO easy to access, free, customizable…
Sounds awesome, like it cures everything, right?
Well, it does.
For five minutes.

Then PMO’s side effects kick in.
Ironically, some of them are stress, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, shame etc.
It really does more harm than good.

I totally understand what you are going through. A few weeks ago I had a job interview. I was so stressed that I binge relapsed.
Our problem though isn’t actually too much stress… there’s no way to avoid that in life. What you and I should have done was to take a better anti-stress drug.

Like exercise. That reduces stress. Unfortunately, it also has side effects. Increased mood, better health… oh, wait, those are good too :thinking:
Or prayer/meditation.
Or quality social interaction.
Or a hobby…

Yes, you can be. I think half of the process is healing from past choices, and the other half is to become the kind of person who uses wholesome activities to journey through life, and not resort to a cheap and deadly drug.

I hope all goes well for you with either your current job, or if necessary a new one :+1:

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