Strengthen your Eeman (Muslim Faith)


MashaAllah. Very good video. Jazakallaho khair


day 141 Alhumdulilah.


Add me
My code : 2n7dxu


day 80 here but not good as you


@weir you are almost there and you will be reach me soon


I am Muslim , 24 years old from India. I am on 17th day of No Fap. It feels like I am being bombarded with the images of some of porn I consumed earlier. I got addicted to porn for last 4 years. Although earlier from the age of 14 I was exposed to porn. My highest streak was 30 days in last Ramadan.


That’s really good man. I am not able to keep my streak even for 2 days. Well done.


4 more days and I will complete my first 5months (150days)



I’m ali, muslim from Pakistan, I also have stard this journey after ruining myself a lot. I’m on day 6 now.

#164 bhi Pakistan se ho(abhi ye mat pochna k Pakistan me se kaha😀 ).hm es lanat se jan chorane ke kushish kar rahe hai ye boht achi bat hai q k boht sare log is ko kuch ghalat samjte he nahi. Bs muslasal kushish karne hai aur marte dm tak shaitan aur bori khwaheshat se larna hai lekin har nahi sharing code is ohj270. Ap apna code share karlo ta ke me apko follow karo …


Okay here my code 2fu008


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Assalamualaikum brothers…
Hope you all are fine…
Alhamdulillah… I have completed 60 days… Without any blockr… And i have been using Internet from 60 days for good purpose only…
Don’t fear…
Everyone can do it… But…
1.We Must ask help from Allah(The creater). .
2.Delete Facebook and instagram… Which has no use… Just waste of time…
3.Don’t afraid of committing sin…(I mean Don’t think that will you commit sin or Not")
4.Just think that there is no relation between me and sin…
5.And whenever you get whispers from shatan… Just say AOUZUBILLAHI MINASH SHAITAAN NIR RAJEEM…
6.And motivate yourself By saying “O Allah please help me” and Feel you are getting powers to resist urge…
And you are challenging it for unlimited days…
Allah knowns Best…


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