Strengthen your Eeman (Muslim Faith)


Reading Quran Daily & Praying Salah WIll Help Definitely With Urges


Is this group still active?

What all you guys doing in this group?


Assalamualaikum brothers…
Hope you all are fine…
Alhamdulillah… I have completed 30 days… Without any blockr… And i have been using Internet from 30 days for good purpose only…
Don’t fear…
Everyone can do it… But…
1.We Must ask help from Allah(The creater). .
2.Delete Facebook and instagram… Which has no use… Just waste of time…
3.Don’t afraid of committing sin…(I mean Don’t think that will you commit sin or Not")
4.Just think that there is no relation between me and sin…
5.And whenever you get whispers from shatan… Just say AOUZUBILLAHI MINASH SHAITAAN NIR RAJEEM…
6.And motivate yourself By saying “O Allah please help me” and Feel you are getting powers to resist urge…
And you are challenging it for unlimited days…
Allah knowns Best…


Assalamualaikum Brother
How are you??



Very glad news to hear bro. I hope one day I will also write a notes similar to this after completing 30 days.


May Allah help you and us Brother…
Best of luck


Pray for me brother. I had wet dream last thursday and urges are shaking my resolve every time, up till today. This is my first streak of over 9 weeks. I dont know what the hell is going on. My eeman is not that strong but I am holding on as best as I could. Alhamdulillah up till now, Ive been thinking to go back to the disgusting websites and all t memories of images n videos are flashing in my mind.

Stupid. Its me myself who wants that bad. But I will not fail myself more than Ive done in the past. Never waste the chance of repentance! God likes this attitude that from us with His forgiveness. Aameen


Don’t give up .stay strong otherwise your will regret .your streak is good keep it up.may the almighty grant you ease and protect you from every kind of shamelessness aameen


Day 127 still going wont go back to 0. Ameen


Why on earth you want to go back to ZERO man.
Do not go back to your BAD past again.

All of us are struggling. But this struggle is worth it. For a better future.


I never said I want to, I said wont go


127 is great MASHA ALLAH
I am at day 65 my sharing code: b5m3hr

Please do share yours



thank you mine is jp47rd


@weir I have added you


I also did , actually I am very tired to see always people relapsed nice to see someone with big streak


too be very honest my last highest was 37. I dont know how I did it


Present streak :32 Days