Strengthen your Eeman (Muslim Faith)


as salamalaikum brother Nadeem,
Your article " Harmful Effects of Masturbation" is really a good one and other posts are also good.
But your current streak shows 1, you relapsed?
I’m little shocked and disappointed as it is last ashra and last night was 27th Night of Ramadan.
May Allah guide us and keep us firm on straight path.
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AoA! Eid is here people , how is ur Eid going brothers


Assalamualaikum my brother, I’m new in here, nice to meet you all
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Current streak : 1 days
Highest streak : 1 days
Age - 17
Gender : M
Location : Indonesia


How do I join you bro?
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How this group work bro

Ive added you
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Hi shrike whats your code. Maybe we can add each other

Mine 8bedba


This is first time im at day 35 and this is all because of ramzan. InshaAllah im gona keep this up. Best of luck all of you. Sharing code baedd3


Bro I was at day 37 but relapsed due to stress and well headaches and other wanting to feel good
I am just saying wafch out because the higher you get the prouder you can become at that means you may lower your guard
Congrats on 35 days though :blush:


I agree with you. It was very difficult yesterday. I just wanted take a neak peak but i remember what happen last time when i did that. Its normal today, i thank now i can spend more 10 15 days easily before next hard day.


Ive added you bro. Let get this realised!

My code 8bedba


How you doing bro? You kay??


How it is the challenge now,brothers
There are good acheivements to motivate me !!


I want be a part of this group brothers


I want to join the group.
51 days here Alhamdulillah.
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Hi I’d like to join. Muslim from South Africa. 36 years old with an almost 20 year addiction. I’m on 23 days streak currently, my longest in years. Add me: sharing code: ed649aa


Hi I’d like to join. Muslim from South Africa add me: ed649aa


Salam brother
It will be amazing if you can make a what’s app group. I am on Day 10 and this is my easiest streak till now and that is because now I seek refuge in Allah and I’ll like to share the content that helped me. It would be better if we connect on some other platform.


Fellow Muslim brothers , how are you guys doing?


Yaari hai eemam mera yaar meri zindagi


Where is everyone???