Strength come from balls?

Hey guys, I’m on my 19th day, i always make some lift weight even before nofap. but now when i do it, i feel some strength coming from my balls, :joy: sounds weird, at first i was thinking it was just my mind but it keep happend. so i wonder this happens to you as well? or it just my imagination? :eyes:sorry for the gramtic​:eyes:


You have just started to receive a slight taste of power surge from your base chakra that is around your balls.
If you keep on going on hard mode. You will tear apart anyone in your competition.
Not only strength but your balls will give you intelligence because energy rise up from balls to brain.
Brain is a magnet which attracts this force which is invisible.
Example: early man used to think that the water flow downwards from mountains it doesnt flow upwards.
But scientist discovered that water evaporates and rise up to the clouds. Similarly our sperms rise up when they matures and provide our brain power. Power to act and motivation.


oh, i had no idea, thanks.

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Wow man you never stop amazing with this knowledge.


that’s exactly what i mean. (sorry resurgent that i have to opose you.)
it is an opinion or belive and NOT knowledge.
i do feel more energetic too but that can have other reasons.

that’s why i said that your style of writing is sometimes dangerous since many beliefe you and take if for knowledge.

i like the ideas you have but it’s dangerous to state them as facts


well to be honest i didn’t take it as a fact, i just wanna know if your experiences are as mine, i read on internet that that felling could be related with increase of testosterone, but still like the idea that he exposed

Ya less masturbation = more available unspent masculine energy AKA testosterone. Testosterone is a brilliant source of energy especially when used to resist things for instance; competing with yourself or others, fighting, strength training (this is resistance training so all muscle building fitness benefits greatly from no masturbation) etc. It also helps with muscle gain and muscle retention.

I’ve heard of people feeling that energy in their balls build up when quitting masturbation and it makes sense! I think it probably happens most in the first month. Maybe a reason why I don’t get it is because when I feel lots of energy I work out the same day so it is never building up without a release. I could be wrong but it may just be that you need to release that energy in physically exertive ways until the energy build-up stops happening!

Use the energy, it’s a gift from our manhood :slight_smile:


If you wanna consider everything on internet as a Fact,
Thats your understanding but More than internet one must observe the facts in real life.

Real life experiences is the best knowledge.

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