Streak is gone after reinstalling the app

So yesterday for some reason i uninstalled this app and after sometime when i reinstalled it all of my streak is gone .

Is there any way to get my streak back ?

And can anyone tell me if they faced similar kind of problems with this app ??

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@Taher need your help buddy …

Please send a screenshot of your my companions page

Sure buddy.

Did you take a backup before? If you didn’t there’s no way to get the data back

I didnt took backup …
But i reconfigured it the only problem is it showed me 3 relapses where as i had earlier only one .
And also can you tell me that if i can see who are my followers or its just remain hidden. . coz on “my companion” page i only can see the status of the person whom i follow nothing else i can do .

You can see who follows you in the latest beta version, or wait a bit for the stable release.