Stopped in the center of the storm

After a maybe half hour long search and then PMO’ing for about a minute or two, I realized that this is not what I want to be. Before I started rubbing one out, I was so eager to do it, but once I really started, it all disappeared. I realized how beta and cuck it is to masturbate to other people having sex with a woman that you desire by yourself.

Wondering if I should reset my streak. Thanks for reading.

Nah, no need to reset. If you didn’t orgasm, don’t reset. You’re good mate.

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I declare you not guilty. Don’t make it a habit though, I used to think that I’ll edge for some time and not ejaculate. But always relapsed in the end.

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I would restart but that’s just me.

You may be right, if we don’t punish ourselves now, we may relapse at a later more crucial stage.

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I relapsed later that day. I’m the living testimony that starting to peak is mostly leading to relapse, sooner or later.