Stop edging! Need a partner!

Must read all before applying!
Thank you so much and look forward to sharing this journey with you :raised_hands:
Looking for someone around same age give or take 1-5 years

Sharing code - beawdw

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 21 days
Age - 17
Gender - M
Location - Anonymous

Why I want a companion -
Looking for someone to be accountable to as aadiyogi is no longer here :confused:. Biggest problem is not porn but edging which eventually leads to maybe even ejaculating.
Need a parter that will update status every other day about progress.
Going for a set Time of 90 days (altho it can last longer, only time will tell)
Be serious and open. This is probably my biggest secret so anything else i say should not be embarrassing. So you shouldnt feel embarrassed either! Its a common problem but a serious one too! We need partners to get through this stuff in life.
Great thing is that we can remain anonymous! But still be accounatble.
You let yourself down but also you let me down. You give me an excuse to relapse too so we are accountable to each other. Lets join our yokes and support each other shoulder to shoulder to make the load easier to carry.

What counts as relapse?

Searching for porn or looking at porn without turning away INSTANTLY.
Porn is everywhere and its very hard to avoid. On the chance you do come across it, you can show yourself more worthy and benefit more by turning away from it STRAIGHT AWAY, and changing your thinking.
By NO MEANS should you SEARCH for it though!
masturbating which leads to orgasm/ ejaculation
We all can find that we edge by accident (ITS A ADDICTION!)
So although this is not a relapse you need to stop as soon as you realise it. If you edge, work out how long for and update it on your status for accountability (this is not a relapse but over time, your time edging should reduce)
A forum may be created so your can update how long you edge for and see improvements as you stop altogether.
Comment how you stopped as well and what kept your mind off of it.

Thank you :grin: look forward to any replies
Need your sharing code!

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Hello, im Miguel.
Today its my day 25, going hard mode (so for me all kind of edging its a relapse, also sex).
Im 15 yo.
My code is 65feff.

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Hi miguel! Iโ€™ll add you! Looking forward to checking your progress๐Ÿ‘Œ.

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Make sure to add me too so we can keep each other in check๐Ÿ‘Œ

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Done it, added you to my companion list.

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