Stop compulsive viewing of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other Junk Digital Content (JDC) Challenge 2021. Entries opened

What is Junk Digital Content (JDC) ?

Generally speaking junk digital content is like junk food.
It is unhealthy for our Mind and very often it triggers PMO.

Stop consuming this junk and experience the pure, calm and productive Mind.

When you use watching JDC as a relax, entertainment or just “to spend time on the road” routine you enforce this negative habit and at some point it will become compulsive viewing. Ask yourself if JDC helps you to attain your goals ? Does it make you a better person ? Realize, that JDC is low quality, irrelevant for your goals, addictive content that only pollutes your Mind and wastes your time.

The main JDC - instagram, facebook,​tiktok, dating sites, YouTube (not useful videos), Netflix, news sites, games, gambling, sport sites, toxic blogs and other sites or apps depending on your personal viewing habits.

A good test to decide if a particular content is JDC is to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you spend more than 30min a day on this content ?

  2. Is this content the best content to achieve your life goals ?

  3. Will your life quality will be better if you stop viewing or put a hard time limit on this content ?

The goal is to quit addictive viewing of JDC .

This challenge will help you to keep your noPMO streak. And of course looking at any kind of porno is absolutely forbidden. Porno is poison.

How to participate in this Challenge?

  1. Install blockers app like blocksite on all your digital devices.

  2. Define a list of JDC for you in the blocker app, you can also share your list in this topic

  3. Set a strong password on your blocker that you can not remember. It will make it more difficult to relapse.

  4. You can look at JDC only if you have a legitimate reason like your work or information search etc.
    If you decide to open JDC for legitimate reason, you have to write a reason and put a timer. Then enter password into blocker to view JDC.

5. JDC relapse is considered when you enter password without a reason OR after timer is up and you continue to watch JDC OR you view any kind of porno for any reason.

  1. Put your nick in the table below. The table will show your current noJDC streak.

  2. If you JDC relapse you must 0 your streak.

  3. It is advised to update the streak every day. You can also write how was your day in terms of JDC.

You can join this Challenge anytime. Just add your nick in the table below and don’t forget to update your counter.

The noJDC streak table

Name Current no JDC Streak Counter
TheMonk1 19
Evolved 30
Fizuli 4
Arya 1
Dean 0
Nep 0
Aoshigreen 4

Looks like very interesting… actually I’m too very addicted to useless mindless surfing in Google which kills time enormously


Join in brother. Welcome.


Today was good. First day of a long noJDC streak I hope.


I am confused about YouTube, it’s like a doubled edge sword it helps in study and education but also wastes our time by showing useless comedy videos.


The same here - comedy videos are junk and enormous time waster.
Look at point 4 above how to watch youtube for study.


I’m in @Themonk1,
Code is :fjlqh6

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The post isn’t a wiki yet, @Ash_Matt pls help with that.


I’ve made the first post a wiki, is that what you wanted?


added you to the table. Please, update you noJDC streak manually there.


I am not good to make the first post beautiful and editable, so if someone can help would be great. We need rules and table of participants, so people can update their streaks in the table.


Nicely done @Ash_Matt , not good at making tables either, @ysub, or @Keats, Please if you could help in making us a table, we would greatly appreciate, You 2 Are the Challenge Architects in this Community, your Great Works aren’t Going unnoticed.


I aint any architect and all!!!
Will help u with tables later in the day :+1:


Today, 1st of July, another day without looking at JDC.
Feel great!


List Of JDC And TimeLines

  1. Social Media(Exception Of WhatsApp)
    :small_blue_diamond:Facebook (No Account)
    :small_blue_diamond:Tictok (No Account)
    :small_blue_diamond:Instagram (Deleted Account)
    :small_blue_diamond:Twitter (No Account)
    :small_blue_diamond:Pinterest (Deleted Account)
    :small_blue_diamond:Telegram(No Account)
    :small_blue_diamond:Dating Sites

Want No Business With The Above Sites, and The Once Not Mentioned.

Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube(Temporary Disabled For 91 Days, To be Regulated Afterwards)

  1. NO TV, Movies, Music Videos (Temporarily Suspended For 91 Days, To be Regulated Afterwards)

  2. NO Games, (Temporarily Suspended For 91 Days, To be Regulated Afterwards)

  3. All PMO Related Sites/Contents.

When all Conditions are Truly Met, Then I can Confidently Say No JDC Today :white_check_mark:


Checking Conditions…
No JDC Day 1✅


I have a question. Like what do you use to block those sites , apps etc. A blocker? If you use one please tell me also because , whatever blocker iuse , it doesn’t works on my phone. So if you use a blocker that’s really good , so please recommend me also , I wanna join this challenge too but I can’t restrain or control myself for all those social media apps , Sites without blocker so …


1.To block adult content ads or unwanted ads in your phone , go to network & internet option in settings , select private dns
Then type & click save.
Or install blokada apk file from chrome it also blocks all ads .

  1. install blocker x app this also blocks all adult content& triggering content but you have to buy premium .

  2. Use action dash or digital well being app & set timelimit to social media apps that are distracting . It has focus mode option that will block social media apps .

  3. Finally turn on greyscale or monochromacy option in simulate colour space in developer options in your phone .Everything will be black & white :sweat_smile:.


I like this stuff.


Okey I will try this
But I have tried blocker,x but it wasn’t working I don’t know why . But I will try the other things you have told.
Thanks brother