Stoic Lion Diary

Day 8: Greetings gentlemen, first of all I wanted to tell you my story with the PMO.
I started with the PMO at the age of 11 or maybe 12, I was a shy boy with a few friends and I invested a lot of time in that disgusting addiction. I never talked to a girl, seriously in some point I thought that I will death alone because of my incompetency for retain the interest from the opposite gender.
1, 2 even 3 or 4 times per day I fell in the abyss of the PMO and my life went downhill from there low energy, brain fog and all the things that you have when you hurt your body with that thing, until now.
This year I found the NoFap movement by causality (or maybe not), was the best opportunity to prove myself that Iā€™m strong enough to break free from this addiction. I started with little steps, streaks of one or two days we the common in the first month, today my current streak is eight and I feel a drive that I never felt before, my journey begins here, my journey to become the man that I should have been.
Pd: thanks for reading and sorry for the bad English :ā€™)