Still struggling

I can’t go more than a week at this point and I know last year I had an all-time best streak of fifty-four days and some change. I keep trying but also falling. It really makes me disappointed in myself. I recently had one of my best friends tell me he’s struggling with Alcoholism and I told him I get the mind set of addiction without telling him I was addicted to porn. He’s trying his hardest to correct his life and I’m so proud of him yet I still struggle with this demon of mine. I wish porn addiction didn’t have such a stigma to it. I want to get help but I’m afraid to be that vulnerable.

Have you put up barriers to keep you from watching porn? I suggest to lock your app store and web browser and hide your password. @Bravesfan88

I used to have an app that did that but it isn’t available anymore. I don’t know how to block the app store now.

Just go to the app store and search app lock and then download one of the apps @Bravesfan88

I had the same problem, decide you’re going to quit PMO forever. The notion of “only this time, I’ll start again” is the only reason for losing. When you decide to quit fapping forever then there’s no question of fapping, watching porn, pics. Finally one trick make a mental model that “I’m not the person who watches porn or faps” this will help you.

lets start the journey, 6t5vyc

This friend of yours that’s got a problem with alcohol, he opened the door :door: to you to share about your struggle.

Write a letter to your friend but don’t actually give it to him and confess your addiction. You will see how it sounds to say it.

Whats helping me to stay away from porn is this: the ritual. I start looking for the “perfect” video and waste time finding it because it doesn’t exist. So I settle and still aren’t satisfied. It leaves me empty and I end up making mental mistakes. Put all that together and I can honestly say I’m fed up with porn :triumph:. It’s a lie. I’d rather masturbate with no porn because I don’t need to see it anyways.

Hope you get fed up with it before you think you’ve reached rock bottom.

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My friends the best enemy to fap is a properly enforced routine. Be your worst enemy, hunt for your laziness. It’s your own life, be precise and effective. If you fail, no problem. To err is to human. But write it down, analyse and be prepared and vigilant for it all the time. If you fail again, fail better. Write daily that why you want to nofap so badly. Every single day. Life is lived like that. One day at a time. Many have done it and many will do, it’s not impossible for you. Win every single day my friend, it’s your best self at stake. Persist.