Steven's Journal (22M)

Day 0

Today I decided to do the NoFap. We are still on lockdown due to Covid-19, and being at home all the time will make this journey even more challenging. I started my journey with dopamine detox. I can’t do the full detox but restricted my app usage. I will use this day to deal with my thoughts and find my reason for doing this journey. There are lots of stuff to fix but I will try to improve myself, one day at a time.


Just never forget the reason why you came here and research everyday how you can improve yourself.
Happy to have you in this community. @stevenology
You’re not alone we are also trying to change our thoughts and quit this PMO


Good decision. Good luck!
Write here regulary and don’t dissapoint us. Do what you just said. Change your life.

First days may be difficult, so be cautios and disciplined. Do some workout.


Welcome to the right place buddy. You are taking good steps by clearing your thoughts.