Staying up at night... never

I relapsed again the reason was me staying up at night, you might think oh, there is no way he has porn blockers on there is no way he could’ve relpased, well my friend me staying up meant I was bored and didn’t have shit to do, so instead of sleeping early which I’m supposed to do I went on my ps4 and watched.twitch live streamers so I decided it to watch from my phone but then I decided to watch it on my phone, but I don’t have no phone before it locks and can’t be open at 10pm… so I decided to go look for my old phone that has no porn blockers in it, it also had Instagram Facebook all the social media were in my old phone so I go for a quick check for posts; we all know Instagram and how erotic shit it has in I keep looking for stuff then I go to search, same with Facebook and then o switch to a browser go look for live cams and then porn vids… ended up relapsing just because I wanted to watch a stream on twitch because I thought it was interesting. I should.have never even opened my old phone i,knew it was a bad Idea but I was like nah, I’ll hold my self back… and I just got to 5 days It felt so good to be able to communicate with my family and have a changed attitude towards life, confidence, etc… the worst part is when I orgasmed it didn’t even feel good, it was like nothing happened expect the guilt that I got from that shit.
ps I wrote this in my journal but decided to share it.