Status update every day

Sharing code - gckpl3

Current streak - 1 day, just relapsed from 10 day streak.
Highest streak - 21 days
Age - 32
Gender - M
Location - US

I’m looking for others that update their status on their progress every day. I don’t see this as a chore, I feel like it inspires me to keep moving and would like to see others who do the same.

Together with support, we are strong!


Hi bro
Count me in
Sharing code-7v7oy2
Current streak-2 days
Highest streak-17 days
Gender -M
Reason of relapse -, Looking at one of my favourite actress’s photo and fapping on her fake nudes

Hope we will win this battle bro
Stay strong :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Stay strong :muscle: You can add me if you would like… But I don’t visit often this app unless I feel like i might relapse. So difficult for me to update.

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Share code i6h0cg
Current and longest streak day 4



I found that posting a status and writing in my public diary every day about my encounters and struggles helps me prevent a PMO.

I do this on my phone. I found that being on here has replaced times when I would have looked at porn. So I guess yes, I’m kind of like you, but in a sense I fight relapse everyday.


Today, I am 28years old and each day I am getting better. First thing, I have stopped watching explicit contents and fanatisicing. Secondly,stopped complaining myself. My Current strike14*
Lets fight with this self created demon inside each of us. I was wondering, if i can add you?

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@assh I meant update your status every day under the “My Companions” tab. But it sounds like you had more to say than the maximum characters allowed for a status. But yes, add me

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Yo guys & @phoenix_1674. Don’t quote the explicit details of the cause of your relapse. You keep the details with yourself and work on eliminating them for the next time. These explicit details could bring lure the fapstraunauts to try what you did. Please do keep in mind do not post any explicit details. And buddy please edit & omit the details you’ve mentioned.

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