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Dear Sir,
I am using paid version of the app. When i open the Stastics Feature of the app… it shows stats for 1 month ago each time i open it. There is a custom option to view my stats. When i select it… in it … i have to select 2 Dates … and … then… it shows me all the stats between those dates but once i close the app and again open the app… the stats … gets Reset to its original … which is 1 month ago

I want to request a Feature Update :

:black_small_square:Custom Stastics : instead of present system where we select 2 dates… Only The Date of beginning of our Journey should be there and from the beginning date to the present Date… The stats should be shown automaticaly each day when we open this section.

:black_small_square:Once Custom Beginning Date is set, The app should remember it … so that … we dont have to put it each time … to view our stastics.

Thanking You,
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@Sahas I also want the feature where app remember our statistics preference @Taher

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Added to my list, will implemented in future updates.