Starting workout with no fap

I am on 10 days streak now , from tommorow I will have time for workout but I don’t wanna go gym but I can do home workout 2 times a day

Any suggestions for work out?


You can use resistance tubes! And do full body workouts 2-3 times a week, initially you will feel muscle soreness but that’s normal, just keep moving and don’t workout until you are completely recovered,sleep 7-8 hours daily . Focus on muscle building, and slightly increase your calorie intake and get enough protein. Also do 5-10 minutes cardio for your heart health! And focus on mind muscle connection and do exercises with proper form.

All the best bro you can do this.


This is the most important
Plus my suggestion is every alternative day try outdoor workout like cycling or jogging or just walk
Be in nature
It will just make the mood better and the day goes better
Just a suggestion because while i was working out i used to be at home only
So i decided cycling
And if i cant go cycling
Ill take my study book and go to terrace and study while walking in the sun at 7.30 in the morning

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