Starting with new understanding

Relapsed after 25 days of nofap.

  1. Everything was going fine till 21th day. After that mind started generating random thoughts about female beauty, love, romanticism. It wrapped deep rooted sexual cravings in moral and socially accpeted norms.
  2. In next four days those thoughts got incubated and resulted in relapse.
  3. There are many impressions generated on mind due to past activities of PMO. These impressions give rise to secondary thoughts and chain reactions goes on. Eradiaction of acquired impressions (innate impressions are evolutionary) through introspection and preventing new impressions by self control is required in next 30 days.

Hey man, you can get back up, this is part of the process.

That’s what we refer to as a “edging pattern” basically. It’s thinking about something in a compulsive manner, kind of mimicking porn behavior, so basically get your mind in the mood as if you were watching porn. Try to recognize those patterns in your daily live and break those patterns by taking action.