Starting today, join me [day 1]

[DAY 1]

Today is Christmas Eve, and I am going to give myself a gift that I will appreciate for the years to come. It will grant me far more pleasure and progression than fapping ever did. I realize how bad it has become as I’m always having an urge and play with my dick to get some sort of stimulation. It’s completly f’ed up my brain to the point where I feel like the day passed by and I accomplished nothing because I’ve been just wasting time with things that give instant gratification like youtube, games, reddit, etc and can’t even stayed focused for long on things that matter because they don’t reward me so easily.

There’s more to it then you realize when you stop fapping. Sexual desire and urge is the strongest need of a human being. To conquer this will be one of the hardest things we will ever do in our lives. We will make up any excuse in the book, whether it’s to relieve stress, sexual tension, to make sure the thing down there is still working, anything to get us to release again. You and I know there are going to be times where we are tested and that is why you need to be prepared. Create a plan that you will always resort to anytime you feel an uncontrollable urge that is coming. Pump out pushups, go for a run, meditate, do anything to get your mind off it and acknowledge that you know it will not be worth it after you do the dirty deed. But, we should make sure that this is our last resort.

Prevention is the best remedy. Think about the times where you got the sudden urge because there are things that trigger your mind and put you in the state of horniness. Once you figure out what triggers you, try to avoid it as much as you can. If not, you will always be vulnerable and there is only so many times you can resist and fight until you succumb and you break your streak and end back at square one.

I highly suggest looking more into the psychology of the brain and understand how fapping affects the brain. It will give you more information about they way we act and equip you with more tools to not only keep the streak going but to tackle your other daily habits, routines, and goals to make the most of your journey. Because at the end of the day, you must act and execute to better yourself. Nofap is a guide and a method to put you on the right track. It is what you do that will you results.

So starting from today, I will be logging in and posting daily as a way to hold myself accountable. I suggest you do aswell. It doesn’t have to be on here, it could be in a designated journal (so that the journal’s own purpose is to record your progress and nothing else) or something you will keep record of daily. You can also use it to vent out any thought anytime you feel an urge during that time and record when and how it happened.

To those who want to begin, we can start together. If you can, post a comment with the day you are on with every new post I make. This way you can keep track and I can keep track of those who are serious and we can hold each other accountable. Good luck!!

Lastly, Stay strong to those already on their journey!! Keep it going, we will be joining in along the way.

TLDR: I started today, you should to.



Welcome aboard! Good things are waiting in this path for you :hugs: I’m at day 105. Do your max effort at your stage, later will be more easy with minimum urges if you stay busy. Greetings from Argentina :yum::weight_lifting_man:


Argentina :heart_eyes:
Messi and Sergio Aguero , lol this comes to my mind when I hear Argentina :joy:


Aye tiger :tiger:
Let’s do it.
I’m tired of tripping the power box. LORD help us. Daily correspondence agreed whenever I can due to network issues


Today is my first day and I’m trying to hold as long as I can, doing productive stuffs, rather than this.


Thanks all, and welcome aboard. I post daily not on the forums but message boards, follow me if you want to keep up with my posts


It’s just amazing what happens when you give it up to the LORD and let HIM work.
I nearly tripped this morning when sleeping. I saw a vision of a lady in white bikini and I nearly tripped. Thank JESUS for helping me overcome. How tall doing brothers?


If it happens naturally while sleeping, does it still count as relapsed?

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If you ask me, no.
If you however want to battle this, pray before sleeping. Your enemy longs to humiliate you when you go to bed.
Always be in prayer

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