Starting to read easy peasy

I started last night reading easy peasy.

At chapter 4 now and needed a break.

I’m trying to read through it.

I still feel a little stubborn, but willing to try to use this book to fund a solution.


bes ceptic that is great :wink: as long as you jsut remain open to the chance that it might help and finish reading it will definetly help you :wink:



I have only started reading chapter 4.

In a separate topic, when I do complete 2 days, I go through a different cycle.

Sure the original cycle is temptation, lust, relapse, shame.

If I go 2 days past shame, temptation and lust return, but if I defeat that, then I feel anxiety like I do now.

Anxiety has become part of my healing and I hate this part more than the shame.


as it says in the book jsut go ahead and do your routine for now :wink:
and be kind to yourself mate.
regarding the anxiety it mighty be a part of the flatline… as in the flat line might cause the anxiety since it is a realy uncomfortable feeling

I will continue to read.

I just relapsed because the anxiety led me to images and a site.

Does this book really work?

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well , it works if you want it to work xD that is the beauti of it :wink: it shows you why you are attached to PMO amd it also elaborates why you are hooked to PMO despite all the bad consequnces you are alkready aware off :slight_smile:
it gets you to the point where you keenly understand whether you want to quit or not and how to go about quitting :slight_smile:

it explains how the process can be enjoyable and easy :slight_smile:

but it also explains how and when it does not work !
basically if you do not follow the instructions or if you ever deside to go back to PMO :slight_smile: it definetly helps since oyu will get mroe knwoledge and uderstadnig about yourself adn the addiction!


Not to be pessimistic, but what if, I can’t figure what the instructions are?

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well you are being pesemistic there xD verymuch so.
but beeing sceptic is good it means you are involved xD

and the instructions are very “easy” i belive in you :wink: and if there is sth that you do not understand you can still share that with you community:) there are a lot of helpfull people around:) that wont abandon you as long as you have the will to quit :slight_smile:

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@SirTryHard, thank you.

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you are going to be fine and you are welcome :wink:

I have reached chapter 6. Yes, I read through 1 through 4 and 5.

I am starting to search for the way, but haven’t found any instructions yet.


keep reading in order :slight_smile: the instructions will come up. what do you think about the book sofar?

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The book is very detailed and slow for me to get through.

I find it like a calm mentor who does not judge or cause negative feelings. That is something I am greatful for.

Some information I have heard in the past, but there is always something to learn.

I feel a bit odd just with reading because I NEVER READ ANYTHING EVER. This book is the first book I have read in years.

I dont like reading because I always had trouble retaining what I read or sometimes remember something that was never in the text.


oh grea tthat you started to read! it is a testament to your comitment :slight_smile: yey

hopwever if it is bothersome for you you can also check the audiobook

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