Starting my first no nut November, excited!

This is my first time for NNN and I’m pretty much excited. I relapsed today to porn. Yes, but I have no guilt because it’s after 10 days, I’m improving. And the good thing about this was, I didn’t have the trigger it was pretty much easy. But the fear for completing my NNN without any trigger, I wanted to have a fresh start. I hope I can make it. I have been without porn for a month before, but not without masterbating. But this time I want to abstain from both.
It’s really rejuvenating without porn or masterbation.
Hope everyone achieve our goals.


Likewise man, it’s also my first time, goodluck and my God bless you on your journey. I am also on a fresh start as I’ve been struggling to keep up any streak since ending my 17 day one. We can and will be successful :muscle:t6:


Yes bro, we can reach our goal. We must find all possible ways to muster and win this NNN.
Let’s be accountable to our future self where NNN is fully achieved. It must be quite a bit easy for us as the days are running like hell. Oct was like yesterday. Phew.

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That’s so true man, it will come and go

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