Starting again nofap

Guys,can you write why do you do nofap so i can be more motivated?


I want to heal my body from the injuries PMO made. I’ve got no day goal, only to heal, it’ll take as long as it needs.
Motivation won’t last forever. You need to learn how to control yourselve when no motivation is there. Look for determination rather than motivation. You can gain determination reading reboot articles, diaries and succes stories. All you need is knowledge!
You’ve got this, I know you can do it!!!


What injuries did pmo caused you?


I started again today too, friend. I think, I’ve got some reasons:

  • Porn is burning down my dophamine receptors. It makes me feel less happy about working to achieve long term goals, and pushing me to the short term gratification. As a result, I am not motivated in my work, my studies, my hobbies.
  • Fap lowers my testosterone levels. Working out doesn’t give as good results as it could’ve, because of it. I think, every man wants to be stronger and tougher, and fap is an obstacle to this improvement.
  • Porn perverts my attitude to women and sex. The real relationships isn’t anything like this videos at all.
    I hope, this can help you! Be strong, bro, we can do this :pray:

Focus on what came into your mind when you said “i want to leave PMO, i want to quit fapping”
What was that first thought than came into your mind? That is your main reason to leave all this.

See its always a different thing for everyone.
You have to look deep into yourself to find that out and that needs determination. So try to read, watch, listen about determination and self assessment.

It will take time to do all this and by that time you would have completed a week or two weeks of no fapping unknowingly. That will be a great start.

Self assessment is a great thing. Analyse what goes wrong. What is causing the injury. What is the reason for relapsing. Assess yourself.
I repeat. ASSESS YOURSELF. only and only you can do that better than anyone else. And please be completely honest with yourself.
For motivation you can always come here at this forum. This is the best place for it. Read people’s success stories. There day to day diaries etc.

As @TheWindWaker said. You should have your goals. REAL GOALS. That will keep you on your track with sheer determination. Trust me. This works

I know you can do this buddy. All the best. We here are all with you.


Search in the forum for “neo’s dairy. I will definitely win” read all posts till the last. You’ll get a good start. And while doing all this(checking his diary,learning about determination and self assessment) please dont fap in between this journey.


I still young so I don’t have phisical problems. My problems lie on the brain, they are pretty similar to @avbuz ones. I can’t be myself anynore because I’m locked on a cell, and that cell is on my mind.

Don’t underestimate brain injuries, they are the first ones to appear. They may seem no real problem, but they are your brain warning you to stop. As Soaring Eagle said, there be two types of rebooters; wiser ones who will stop PMOing learning other’s experiences, and the usual rebooter, who won’t really reboot till he is really injuried. The way you should look at this is to PREVENT rather than healing.

About goals: You may have anything you want to achieve, maybe its fitness phisical form, maybe a decent job or a student’s degree… Maybe you don’t have a goal. Don’t worry, now you need to start rewiring, as you rewire, you will find easier to achieve goals. If you don’t have any goal, by the time you are rewiring, you’ll find something enjoyable (something you want to work on).

Do not give any minute more to PMO, you can get back your health, but not your time. Invest it on nofap. Trust me, you will only win freedom.