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Hey Guys,

I never had interaction with teenagers before coming to this forum. Once you get older You either interact with guys with same age or older than you. So I wasn’t aware of the mentality of the teenagers before.

But after coming here I realized they are same as I was in my teenagers years. They make same kind of excuses. They are dealing with same kind of problems. They don’t have any good guidance. Basically most are lost.

There are many things adult knows after repeated failures which younger don’t knows. People once cross those ages have regrets wish I knew it earlier.

I don’t want that to happen. I want teenagers know more about how market is changing. How the information they hear from their parents and schools are mostly outdated and wrong.

Also it’s not just about teenagers also many adults don’t know the information to do well in their life. They give importance to wrong things in life. They waste their time. Happens with everyone. Unless someone parent is really intelligent It’s hard for the kids to get the right information.

I am thinking to start website as well as Youtube for it. I may charge money for the information. Because I don’t have that much time to guide everyone for free.

I will talk about coding fitness, meditation many other things. Most know these but don’t know how to do it right. I want to reply everytime here when I see someone is doing things wrong. But I can’t. I don’t have that much time. Carrier guidance. We all know school is the most useless thing one can waste their time on. That’s why Home school is growing.

Teachers in the most schools are useless, losers.

So I want to ask teenagers here. Do you feel you need this kind of service? Will you pay for it? Will your parents pay for it if you find it useful?

Also, what exactly do you wish from such service?

Let me know in the replies.


May God bless you, I wish you success and be happy when you go into this idea :wink::+1:
And that the topic does not stop at teenagers only, but expands and you have distinction from anyone else .


I think this is an awesome idea, but personally I would not have paid for it. I would have looked around for someone else doing a similar concept for free. So, if I was you, I’d look into ad revenue or finding some kind of sponsorship for your videos.
Maybe even write a book to sell. Also, podcasts are extremely popular, so I’d recommend looking into that.

One little thing on my soap box…
Please don’t be another person saying the system is failed don’t trust the schools etc the end.
Sure, that might be true to a degree, but that information doesn’t really help (at least me) at all.
What would be awesome is “here’s how to think independently, learn to look for other sources and evaluate the info you are given.” And man, if you know how to teach that, props to you. But that is what I would look for in a youtube channel like you are describing.

I’ve considered starting a youtube channel before, so I’m sorry this is getting long but I’ve got a lot to say about it.

This would be tough, because there are already a lot of videos out there for this. Tutorials is the biggest section of YouTube. I think you could do it, though, as long as you can come up with something new about it. Remember, your target audience is teenagers, and so I think short funny videos get the most views.
J.R.R. Tolkien believed that when he wrote he should include religious themes and principles into his writing, but disguise them in a great story. That way, people would read and learn the principles (that they otherwise wouldn’t care about) without even realizing they were reading it.
The same kind of thing happens for stories like “the boy who cried wold” or “little red riding hood”.
Maybe an approach like that could be a unique and effective enough style.
Of course its easy for me to say that, and a lot harder to do, but those are my thoughts. I hope they help.


Thanks @NhTbH . I agree with you.


Its not just another person bro. Even everyone is saying the same thing but still people are stupid enough to repeat that mistake. Very few are actually implementing it. I have seen some of the famous people kids who aren’t going to school. But most from middle sclass family are still doing it.

Sure bro. That’s a nice idea. That’s what is missing from the most part. There are thousand of coding tutorials. But many people still think that coding should be learned when they go to college. I have seen thinking his pattern again and again not in everyone but in many.

I agree man. But I still watch videos from very few sources like Stanford, MIT OCW. Quantity is their quality isn’t there. The complicated topics there are always very few people who go into that.

Also, my main focus would be to help people not to make money. So, I think I would really put effort into that. 3blue1brown videos are a famous Maths channel because of the quality of the video. He really understands Maths. I want to go more in that direction.

Thanks for your comments bro. We can discuss it more about it if you have lot to say on it.


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