Started Gym but strange

Hey im 25 yrs… in last 5 months i got very bad addictio of ejacultn… almosy 10 times a month… before that it was like once a week… now that i joined a gym so that i could use my energy there… I feel stronger and better… but the problem is when i feel more stronger, at the same time i feel more urge to masturbatr… means at early days of this addiction i used to do almost once weekly and was not able to do again in that week… but when im growing and improving my diet and specially joining gym or even if i play squash… more urges come due to which i again come in strange cycle… Plz guide me where im doing something wrong… btw my biggest streak is 14 days since past year… help me guys :-/


Train your mind by doing meditation.
Read easypeasy book :books: