Stages you will go through

I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


I think I’m at a stage 5
where I’m making my life tougher little by little and hence my brain is craving for more dopamine

But personally in my own thought process I’m hoping to be where I will just never need the “feel” anymore. I’m hoping that one day will come when I will have control over me. However I’m craving for companionship (a woman) with whom I will have real stuff. All through these streaks it occurs to me that I’m probably a demisexual. I’m not turned on by casual stuff. I don’t like casual stuff. I need emotional bonding with the person to do that. A part of my mind is craving for that. However it also occurs to me that even if I somehow get a mate immediately it will not make me happy, perhaps it will make me more miserable than I’m already. Thus the final conclusion comes up that I’m neither ready for porn and fapping nor I’m ready for real sex.

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Many like the emotional part first and then comes the casual… Thats actually the better one.
I wish you the best bro :+1:

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Glad to see that im on stage 7 after 171 days no PMO just come to forum for reading bcs im bored hehe and yes before i do nofap journey i use to fap like 4-5 time/week, now here i am i just dont give a f*** anymore about it


Amazing @keepimba :clap::clap:


Nice info man @JonSnow001 Thankx for sharing.


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