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Why I want a companion - I’m a single Christian who struggles with unwanted same sex attraction, I know that alone divides a few opinions, but I’m not here to debate. I’ve already decided that I won’t let my emotions it sex drive determine who I am, but I’ve got a 10+ addiction with masturbation and watching porn. I’m also a dancer who is in close contact with men on the daily, which doesn’t make the struggle any easier, but I’m hellbent on enduring this no matter what. I’m looking for support and to support others, if you’re in a similar boat or got enough encouragement to go around, say hi. I just joined, but my goal is a year of sexual integrity!
God Bless


Welcome man!
We are all here trying to be a better man. It doesnt matter about your sexual attraction, its all about stop with this addiction. I’ll be following you!

Here is my code: 5i3cmw

I dont know if it is your case but some guys experience SSA because of porn addiction. So it can help you alot stop PM.
Im too a christian, may God help us!

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