Sprites Diary (34M)


Yesterday I met that girl from last thursday again. In Public, so we could not have sex. My idea. And it was a wonderful afternoon an evening. Seams, that I’m now with that girl.
That was at my 3 day. And last night, I was all little bit hornzmy because of the hot kisses from that girl. But I don’t fapped.
But yesterday also arrived a package from an adult toy store, where I have purchased some toys for me, while I was fapping the last time. My hate myself for that, but I’m into that sissy hypnosis shit.
And so, this morning I tried out the new toys. And fapped to sissy porn. If was just a minute. But I’ve done it.
I will throw away these toys. And I have enough time, till I see that girl again. She’s now on a vacation for 2 weeks. So I hope, that I can hold the new streak till then. But I know myself… :persevere: