Sperm test any suggestions

Hey guys I am in some problem here for some medical issues i have been asked by a doctor to do a sperm test for fertility

So I have to go to a clinic and give a sperm sample

Now as far as I know there is no other way to do that but to but break my streak

Which is going good till now i do get some serious urges but I am getting used to avoid them or let them pass

This test might just kill my momentum I have gained till now

Any suggestions??

What a unique situation.

If it is medically necessary and you would have to swerve on taking care of your family needs to avoid it, I’d say do it imo. If you have other options, ask for those first.

Your perspective/outlook/mentality is everything. Think, if someone doesn’t have a pmo addiction and needs to do the test, it wouldn’t make them a bad person or that they “did a bad thing”.
I would consider it like a nightfall.

Don’t obsess over it. Plan ahead mentally to do it for your family and make sure other things are set in your life leading up to and after it to be strengthened against starting a cycle or derailing any positive steaks or behaviors you’ve had. If you do, try not to use porn, deep breathe, and think of your partner what a good cause it is, a medical freebie and THAT’S IT! Lol

You’d be doing it for the future of your family, not to isolate yourself and goon out on selfish pleasure.


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