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Hope this can provide some inspiration, information or perhaps even healthy entertainment for its readers.

I will ensure these posts are universal and for everyone regardless of your race, location, gender, and especially religion. I do hope secular atheists can find just as much comfort and support here even without religion. I will edit and provide notes/tags accordingly when necessary.

Self intro:
I am an existentialist, minimalist, productivity junkie, secularist, and atheist. Love reading, thinking, and writing. Learning to fully embrace the virtues of kindness, humility, empathy, committment, mindfulness, focus.


Message Board:
“Change in Thinking” by Materroshi

“It’s so nice to see that people who were once perverted and jerked off to some fake shit change so much into matured and sensible people. I think we’re closer to enlightenment than other people XD. Upvote if you agree. Let’s be the same.”


“Self Realisation” by SecondChance
2 months ago

"Day 91

Got up very early this morning, before the breaking of the day, while most were still asleep, and stepped outside, and then started running, just kept running into the pitch-black darkness, in no specific direction, this wasn’t your regular outdoor Workout routine run, it wasn’t planned,

There was something different about this run, Just running freely in the silent darkness, looking at the moon and stars, Felt Pure freedom, it was like the soul wanted to express it self, and it did, I felt pure emotions unlike anything I’ve ever seen, it was so powerful that even after I got home, the emotions kept rolling and the tears kept flowing, I felt my soul saying thank you.

It’s no surprise that life seems meaningless to the porn User
it’s no surprise we read post of countless porn users thinking of sucide.

There is a darkness to Pornography & Masturbation that only a few will truely come to the realization of, It violates the soul in a way that is beyond our imagination, it tries to alter your very nature, it goes deep into the roots, that thing that makes you You, that thing that makes you unique, that thing that makes you the 1 in 9 billion souls on earth, and then tries to replace it with a vile, dark, perverted, deprived, and repulsive nature.

Self esteem and confidence comes from within, it comes from the soul, its something that can’t be faked, it flows from your innermost being, the ability for people to be attracted to you for absolutely no reason, it’s almost like the universe responses to a pure soul, it’s almost like it conspires to assist a pure soul.

Creative imagination and innovative ideas comes only to the crystal clear mind,

The soul is the seat of coordination, it is the seat of focus, the seat of creativity, the pillar of your willpower, a wounded soul is a sick life, a tarnished soul is an aimless life,
There is nothing more powerful than the energy that flows from a pure soul, The Aura from a Strengthened Soul.

This journey has taught me a lot in the past days, it has opened my eyes and mind to understanding I never would’ve imagined to possess and has completely changed my perception on a lot of aspects.

back then while I was wallowing and wasting in PMO and asking my Self, where do I go from here? Who will save me? but when I came to the realization that it’s
You vs You, and no one will save you from you but you, The MindSet Changed, the victim mentality of blaming PMO was destroyed, I realized, I was my problem and I was my solution and then I took the baton of my freedom and started running, Never looked back since then.

No one will save you, if you are not ready from the very depts of your soul to save Yourself, Not even Motivational Videos, Not even Upvotes, Not even NoFap challenges, Not even NoFap videos, Not even Nofap companions, Not even Rewire App, Not even the Most Powerful God can save someone who isn’t ready to be saved.

When this become your realization, not even the most strongest urge can pull you down, Mindset is everything, how you see things, determines your response and approach."

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Amazing friend. I will daily visit your diary. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks so much! I will try to share what I find helpful here. I also want it to be something that’s universal to everyone, so that it can be helpful to anyone regardless of beliefs or religion.

Yes. Thanks for reminding too. But there are only 5 bookmarks I can make, and there are a whole ton that are really good and worth saving. But I haven’t donated yet, so this is how I save :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Shounen Romance!?!!? Jkjk. Shoutout to this lucky and awesome dude.

“I fight this addiction because of love” by MoeoCon

“Last 12 days, a girl comes into my life and says “love” to me. Then, I’m surprised, confident to say “I accept” her love. After that, I workout, exercise much time. I said to myself need to fight because of love, study, healthy life, and future.
Today is… 13 days streak!”

Grandpa’s NoFap Advice
by teenelevation

“What is true pleasure then?”

「I was talking to my grandpa about Nofap the other day.

A little back story. My grandpa is a man that has been with his wife for his entire life. Over 60 years they have been in a loving marriage. I always see my grandpa and grandma together with smiles on their faces, love in their hearts, and youth in their souls.

He is the wisest man I know. He has not only lasted a healthy marriage, but he has the sincerest happiness flowing through his veins whenever I see him.

I told him about Nofap. Naturally, I asked for his view and input. I dont think I could’ve asked a better person, because I aspire to live a life as fully as his, and his wisdom is priceless to me.

His response couldn’t have been better.

He told me, “I have been on both sides of addiction, and I can promise you that what you think is pleasure is muffled pain. True pleasure does not come easy, and if it seems to, it always leads to pain down the road.”

I then asked him, “What is true pleasure then?”

He looked at me grinning, looked at my grandma who was in the kitchen, then looked back at me.

“True pleasure doesn’t come from anything external. It comes from a deep satisfaction with a life you have created for yourself. If you wander through your life, going for all the cheap ‘pleasure’, you will never feel the happiness that comes from knowing that you have lived a life, rather than just an existence.”

“Live. Do not exist.”」

Learning the most from my Relapse
by myself, posting this on message too. Hope it helps everyone.

I know most people post about their relapses and frustrations here. I relapsed too. But I want it to be a lesson that I can share with everyone.

My streak broke at Day 75, but days before that, I already began to realise that I am moving in that direction. I started losing because I slept facing down on my bed, and (this might sound gross) often rubbed my private part against my bed while fantasizing. Then right before O, I would stop, and mentally convince myself that I was fine. Writing it out feels shameful for me, but I realise that giving it words make me realise just how unreasonable it was. From now onwards, I will sleep facing upwards. Not facing down, not even by the sides.

I find that it is also important to have an immediate action plan to combat my urges the moment they arise. This strategy is mentioned by Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit. From a message posted by another, I learnt to breath out, and hold myself from breathing in for 40 seconds or so. This immediate depletion of oxygen forces the body to enter emergency mode and focus on breathing instead of fantasizing. It has helped me, but I haven’t trained it enough to make it a reflex, and that is why I lost.

Besides, I am reading James Clear’s book Atomic Habits. It also mentions making good habit cues obvious, cravings attractive, routines easy and rewards satisfying. That will be how I learn to build in my oxygen depletion technique. I will also read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking too. I heard it’s a good guide on dealing with pleasure addictions, I am trying this on PMO too.

There are many things you can learn when you want to do better. And always remember your reason, whether it is to be a person with more self control, or to be more productive and spend more time caring for people you love. Wishing all of you the best.

Dope advice

by Nevergiveup420

"Yesterday i had severe urges but i survived. In the morning, i was having very powerful urges so i took a cold shower and then stayed busy all day. At noon, i survived another battle. At night, while trying to sleep, i faced the same enemy again. But i managed to save my streak.

The last line of defence, my last support, the only thing that is saving me is my clear realization that

  1. Porn has never been useful to me
  2. Porn is a poison and i dont want to punish myself by taking this slow poison.
  3. Porn will not make me feel good. It wont make me relax. It wont put me at ease. It will only make me miserable, sad and depressed. The rush i feel of Dopamine will only be maximum when i decide to relapse and type in words in search engine. Its the rush of the chase. As soon as i will see an image, i wont feel pleasure. So this dopamine rush only motivates me to break my streak. It won’t give me pleasure by actually seeing porn. Its a fake promise. A hollow promise that will make me hollow.
  4. I dont want to relapse. I don’t want to watch porn and jerk off like i used to when i was a pathetic loser. If i dont want to ruin my life, then this desire i feel to PMO is not mine. This is just my addicted monster trying to make me miserable thinking i would reach for porn to feel good but I won’t this time.

All this clear thinking, i learned it from THE EASY PEASY BOOK.It is a wonderful book. Please read this book if you have not read it. Read it again if you have. Btw I’m on Day 52 of my streak :blush:.

UPVOTE if it helped. If not, upvote anyway. It might help someone."

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