Sourav's soberiety from the pornography [20,Male]

I started masturbation in my 8th standard at the age of 12yrs.
The habit of doing this practice increased day by day for me.
Now I am doing around 7 to 10 rounds per day.
I feel ashamed towards myself.
Now I want to change and I will change irrespective of my daytime routine.
I’ll do my best for changing myself and improving in all the aspects of life.
I expect discipline from myself in every aspect of my daily activities.

gaque4 :- this is my sharing code hope someone sees this and help themselves and also myself in this journey



New start brother. Keep going

Day 3 :- I relapsed. Felt very ashamed at myself.
Is this my resolve?
Well let’s move forward to start again.

Try again brother @souravvbhardwaaj