Soul_Formation Diary

Day 5
5 May 2021

3 rounds walking around house.
Car dusted off.
Sun bath
Neck streching
10 min. Meditation
दंड ( indian pushups ) 》20+14 = 34
बैठक ( indian situps ) 》 20+14 = 34
Sajda done.
Listened osho geeta

Sang bedtime stories for my daughter before sleep.


Glad to see you back Brother. I had a doubt from the beginning itself that it was you but now its confirmed.
You have everything within you to become the master of your own destiny. Dedicate all your time, energy, each cell in your body and mind to uplifting your soul and self. Think about your dear daughter; she was born from your blood. You have a family; you have an obligation to your wife who keeps all her faith in you and your daughter who will always look up to her father as a role model when she enters the world.
What more reasons do you need to take a U-turn from the filthy life of a pmo addict?
Read great books, gain wisdom, apply those wisdom in your life. After 10-15 years you may not have the energy and virility that you are experiencing now. You are in your youth now.
You came here for a reason, there is an inner purpose within you. Go back to the innocence you had when you were a child. Remember, what was his passion. Re establish it. Achieve your dreams. And live your life fearlessly.
Don’t waste even a single second Brother.
At the end of the day, we’ll all fall down as dust and sand. In this wide cosmos and universe with millions of planets and galaxies you and me are mere dots. So all that matters is to live a meaningful life.
As the great philosopher Arthur Shopehour said:

There is no pleasurable life. Either you live a heroic life or you not live at all.


Thanks @Tagore
This song; mine tribute to you, listen to it and keep going like a Legend

Day 6
6 May 2021

3 rounds walking around house.
Sun bath.
Neck streching.
10 min. Meditation.
Pullupbar workout ( st. Chinups ) 》5+5+4+3+3+3+2 = 25.
Sajda done.
Intensity in workout was high

Listened osho geeta.
Bathroom hole cover repaired.