Sorry guys I did it again ....I need a companion

I relapsed after only 15 day
But what I had realized that I got better
And most of the day the urges don’t have effect on me
I relapsed as a result damaging my routine
All what I had mad in 15 day has gone
But I won’t give up
I need a companion …I think w will help each other


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Hey @John3737, may I help you with your problem??
My code- f0c99c


I relapsed too
Lets start our journey again :slight_smile:


@John3737 You don’t need to apologise dude. I don’t think you’ve lost anything, but you’ve identified the problem, the routine broke.
Don’t worry about the counter, nor add worry to your journey! You’re doing awesome.
Keep it simple! :+1:

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@John3737 what happened man… Again you relapsed??
What’s the reason?
I told you I am always there for you… But you have resist the urge.

A lot of wrong things had happened today
I’m a kind of persons who thinks alot
And my thoughts was all negative today
Also I didn’t sleep at the time sleeping according to timetable

I did it twice after 15 day
I don’t need to start the new year with the same addiction
But almost every time I quit porn for a while I realpse more then one time till I complete my journy

You don’t want to repeat this mistake again in new year,
That means you have to control your feeling now.
You think alot then find some hobby that makes you stay busy, it must be interesting.
Making a schedule & there is no consistency
That means all waste of time.

Please delete things which attracted you to porn or any adult content

If you relapsed twice that means you are growing day by day addiction like a disease.

If you feel urge don’t touch your body part & open forum app message me may be I can help you

I already deleted it …and in tge nest few days I will delete any app that gives me a bad (-ve) thoughts


Which -ve thoughts came into your mind??
If you don’t feel safe here, you can PM me

Personal problems …oldI problems but it makes me feel nervous and weak
I’ll do it in the nest time
Pray for me

Let’s see @John3737 I have faith on you
That you will not repeat this mistake again &
If you need help you will PM me anytime.

Thanks @anon95821051
I will enter the new year with new start

No, you have to start today then only you can do better in new year @John3737
Never procastinate which is important in your life


Hey my longest streak is 28. Lets connect 25dqc7

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DAY 1.
my sharing code- b757e5.
let’s start it again…

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What happened this time??
Sorry I am not available when you feel urge,
Next time when you feel urge PM me.

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I don’t know I just did it
I was alone and thinking in some problems
I tried to pray ,do exercise ,study and work hard during my whole day but I can’t do all of those things for a long period of time
I think that I don’t try hard enough to get rid of that habit

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