Sorry guys Help me

After 40 days I relapsed today I don’t know what happened to me I just searched the porn and I think that I’ll just watch and not do masturbation But I did .
Felling like shit I Know today will be my worst day I have lots of work to do .
Help me guys …

It has happened me also dude. You should proud that you could reach at least 40 days milestone.Dont think negative.Next timw you can do much better.Just think positive that if you could reach 40days it means u can reach even 90 days.It happens dont curse yourself.all the best


Hey dude it happens to the best of us. I’m struggling hard with my relapse and am feeling the same thing you are. Stay strong brother and we can help one another on this journey


Laugh that sh***y feeling off!
Some have fallen at day 2 and 200.

Be glad you have the grace and humility to be honest.

If there’s anything useful I’ve learnt, it is,
to lighten up and be glad.

To put it poetically/spiritually;
the devil/the great accuser is in the detail,
the pmo and the negative feelings afterwards.

In this fight, there is no hard pill for you to swallow or muscle to show off, but a smile with complete honesty.

Honest, humble person, aren’t feared, unable to be put down, but most revered and most loved/desired.

They are the Bruce Lees, the Amir Khans, the Thomas Edison, the Ghandis and Jesus’ of the World - to name but a few.

I’m always grateful to know my sin /or kryptonite.

Much respect and love to you brother!

And don’t worry about the counter it’s only an external tool and for some a motivator,
not the truth of you, or your internal counter.


It’s called no pmo for a reason.For a lot of us the porn is a bigger addiction than wanking.I can spend endless time looking without touching and I have in the past.It’s actually healthier to just fap quickly without porn and then move on to other things then to waste so much time.Remember the rules:no looking and no touching.

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Every Relapse has a Lesson, Hope you have learnt yours.
Have a glass of Milk and come back strong.


Relapsing and learning from them are part of the process. Obviously you never want one but the chances are we will all have a wobble at some point.

Try to work out exactly why you fell off the wagon today? What was different? How did that make you feel? What do you need to do to deal with that feeling? What will you do if you get that trigger again?

Get straight back on the horse mate dont let it become an excuss to have one more look and tell yourself you’ll start again tomorrow. Tomorrow will turn in to the weekend and then next week. The longer this goes on then the more dopamine you will be putting back in your brain.

You’ve worked hard to get rid of that shit don’t let it sneak back in so easily.