Something weird

Hey guys… something very weird had happened to me this time… yesterday at day 6 and today at day 7 i did not have any urges… literally no urges…my dick didnt erect for a single time…did anyone else had this situation… please share your views a bit this topic…m getting a bit scared

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Sorry bro…m not fan of web series n Hollywood movies so much…can you please explain a bit in simple words

That’s something normal during Nofap and it is called a flatline which lasts a few days then everything back to normal again, i experienced this from day 12 to 15 and in about day 30 and from day 52 to 54, i think this happens because our brain is balancing our hormones.
I recommend you to read this article about flatlines and how to deal with them

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Those who liked it, got it very well. @anon95821051 said it in simple words.

Flatline it is bro. Just tell yourself it will soon be over. We all know here it sucks, but you just have to go through it.
Good luck mate :fire::fire::fire:

Flatline is not the absence of urges. Flatline is feeling like shit. If flatline were the absence of urges, then according to that foolish definition, all yogis and enlightened people are on a flatline. This does not make sense.

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