Something strange happened today!

I went to bed at 8:29 pm and suddenly after few hours for no reason I started masterbating but I wasn’t aware what was going on… Then after 9-10 secs I stopped… Is it a relapse… It was only for 9-10 secs, I don’t know I just did it unknowingly

No it’s surely not, relax a bit.


Its called night pollution I guess. Someone here can explain why it happened?

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oh … same. This has happened to me before too… what’s the go eith it?

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I don’t know the reason. This has happened to me too. Just edging, for no reason. No urges or thoughts, it’s like the hand has a brain of its own. I don’t count as relapse, but don’t want to do it ever.
Is it a part of withdrawal syndromes?

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