Something is in my mind [Help]

I’m a small shopkeeper.

Maybe sitting on a chair would work?

Ignore amd control yourself, I think that is the only option😅.

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Through meditation and effort. It’s not easy to decontaminate one’s mind, so you have to work on it. Try hard on looking at people’s eyes, even if you see the breasts first, focus on the eyes afterwards. After some time I’m sure you’ll make a lot of progress, if the problem is that you can’t look at people’s eyes that might be insecurity kicking in, which is also a problem. There’s no easy method (at least not that I know) good luck!

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Just wear dark shades, they won’t see you looking at their boobs✌️

You can see her as another human! Just as someone enters you immediately look at their face and nothing else. Stay strong :muscle:

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But wouldn’t that look weird in night …:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::joy::joy::joy:

bro only focus on no fap…it takes time but you will get confidence :muscle:

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Switch off the lights :rofl: :rofl::rofl:

No I have to stand it is mobile shop

I have to change my habit sunglasses will allow me to see them. Which is not good

Yes after 15 day no fap my mind is not concentrating. It is hard to concentrate. May be Urges disturbing me.

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I think I will control it with no fap. Thanks for help.

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Well Try to look at her eyes and try to keep your head straight. If you still find it difficult to do so try to know what her eye color is.
This really helps to get a eye contact and its not necessary to keep eye contact at all times atmost 5-10 sec if you get distracted. Go back to her eyes.
The more you will talk with different people the easier it will be.
Hope it helps you. :slight_smile: