Something I Realized

I was on a 14 day streak. For the first time in a while I felt alright. I relapsed hardcore last weekend. Now, I feel down and tired. I just feel unmotivated. I called out of work yesterday. Today, I left work early because I wasn’t going hard. Usually, work is easy and I can get the high rates that I need.

During my streak, I was super focused. I felt a bit more confident. No lie, women were more attractive. I started to feel the courage to ask one out.

I think quitting energy drinks helped me with no fap. When I drank energy drinks, I noticed that it was messing with my heart. My heart would beat faster and I would feel a weird pain. Now, I feel pain in my heart less often. With no fap, I started to see all the positive effects it had on me.

I think it’s hard to quit fapping because I’m missing intimacy. Having sexual feelings is a natural thing. I’m 26 and still a virgin. I haven’t found a girlfriend yet. I wish I can find a good loyal woman to wife up.

I’m sorry if the post is too long. These are the thoughts that are in my head at the moment.


@StanleyIsBogus longer streak without cheating and you will have a girlfriend soon.

Energy drinks are shit. You drank it a lot… do you think that they add something addictive to it?

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Energy drinks have caffeine. Caffeine is very addicting. A lot of people are hooked on it.

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