Something I noticed that might help

I was so close to looking at Porn, and I didn’t. Here is why:
I’m on a 8 day streak, was lying in bed and suddenly felt the urge. This is the first time in four or five days. And I tried to find out why. While I thought about it it actually got worse, I asked myself “why do you want this all of a sudden, you know it’s bad” and my subconscious replied “i don’t know exactly, I feel like it somehow” and I asked “how?” and it said “just…bad, somehow unsatisfied and shaky” and I tried to find out where this feeling came from.
Guys, this may sound funny, but I was actually thirsty. I didn’t think about it because I was trying to sleep and too tired and lazy to get a glass of water, but then I did and it actually helped.
This is ridiculous, but all the same eye opening. I feel this weird “I’m not well” - urge a lot, and I think like this time it’s always connected to some inner unrest. And I promise myself this, here and now: every time from now on I will find out what it is I need, be honest about it and overcome those hindrances like laziness etc.

Have you guys experienced something similar? What was it that was lying beyond the mere urge to pmo?


I haven’t experienced that specific thing but i have Indeed noticed that after a few days, you are able to question your body/mind and ask it why it wants you to masturbate. If thé answer is just “i feel uneasy”, you simply have to find another way to make it feel better. In your case, it was having a glass of water. For me, it’s often laying down and breath deeply.

That’s exactly how it often is. But many people refuse to listen to their body.
In my case, i typically felt anxious about a particular thing. And I just had to find out which event it was.

Keep going on like that. It is the way out of this shit

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Man i have not thought only. Next time i have a urge ill try to figure out why. I suppose i relapse b/w 9-11 and thats my breakfast time and when i am alone at home i dont do breakfast. That might be a reason. Thanks bro. This piece of words i guess would help me alot

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Great to hear that it helps you! Reflecting upon your past relapses helps a lot if you do it in a time of a clearer mindset :slight_smile: Let us know in your diary if and how it went!

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Sure bro. Have you read my diary?

Yes, I have. I like that you keep tracks of the benefits it has for you and the way you tackle relapses at your current state! Stay positive and don’t give up :slight_smile: It’s a process and you are on the way!

Are you telling this to me. If yes then i didn’t get what you mean

This may be weird but just an idea I thought of. Has anyone ever tried drinking a lot of water to help kick urges. We are supposed to drink two litres a day. When I tried this once, every day drinking a two litre bottle. I noticed there is throughout the day a pressure to release urine, you go to the toilet a lot. And I was wondering whether possibly this urge to release urine might help the mind take pressure off the urge to release semen. Almost a distraction of the inner body as well as outward distractions in keeping busy?

Just a thought.

I can just answer for me.
when I’m studying for my exams I drink a lot (like 3 Liters in one evening) and hence go to the toilet about every half an hour :joy: (I don’t know why. I’m just so damn thirsty while learning :smile:)

I still got urges. And especially as soon as I started to masturbate I didn’t feel the urge to go to the toilet anymore.
You could try it but at least in my case it didn’t work

@amadeus Wow, this may be true for me because along with my current streak I have also been drinking only primarily water for the past month also and I never fapped. Now I’m starting to think this might have helped. If anyone wants to try I wouldn’t go too insane.