Something has just clicked in my head

I am only on day 18 of my nofap journey. I’ve been doing this for probably about two years now with countless relapses. I wanted 2018 to be the year I finally over come this. Unfortunately most of January didn’t go as planned. I thought started this streak almost three weeks ago. My longest in probably almost seven months. I realize now the temptations may never go away but I have to fight through them to get to a better place. Because relapse for me just means more depression and more relapses because I hate myself. Now, though I’m fighting and feeling slowly happier. I have so many things I want to accomplish. I’m tired of feeling like this is holding me back from achieving those things. I am not saying “tomorrow I can start a new streak.” Tomorrow I want to extend my streak even further. I won’t live my life with anymore regret.


Stay strong! I’m rooting for you to achieve your goals!

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You are on right path bro. Keep moving forward.
Cultivate good habits leave all bad habits.
Change is sure to come.
Be patient.

That is how I feel, very well expressed.