Something has clicked in my brain

Today is my 7th day of NoPMO. It’s no biggie, i had much longer streaks. BUT it has been one of the best weeks of my life so far. I’ve been trying to quit PMO for a while, and as cliche as it sounds: “this time is different”.
It’s not what happened, more like how i looked at things. I finally understood that NoFap is not a goal. It is a tool. I also finally started to practice sexual transmutation successfully, because using this power i was born with as a man, and harvest this energy for my personal goals and gaining is the reason im doing NoFap. That’s the end goal.

My skin looks better everyday, my eyes are shining more and more each day, my muscle growth after work outs has doubled BUT this is not the best part about it. The best thing that i experience is: when i see a girl, who’s beautiful, sexy, and from head to toe completely my type, i just shrug my shoulders and say “So what”…

As days go by i get less and less attached because i am worth so much more than just let my happiness/satisfaction depend on another person. This might sound some simple fact but for me personally this realization holds powers beyond measures.

Than i realized, I did have these “powers” at my previous streaks as well, but my head was so far up my *ss that I haven’t payed attention what’s happening right in front of me. Instead i had a mental hard-on for some counter that doesn’t even mean anything. Or i was so afraid of triggers and get aroused and relapse. I was so preoccupied that i forgot to experience all the beauty and power around me.

I’m not afraid of relapses, nor flatlines. What has to happen, will happen.
But whatever happens, I’m still super grateful for this week of sheer power, and self reflection.

Cheers if you read it till the end,

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