Someone in my head

I’m trying no fap for past 3 months and I couldn’t seem to get over this. I think I’m am an addict.
In my initial teenage days I used to google " is masturbation bad " there almost all the pages shows masturbation is perfectly healthy for young teens so I spent my teenage masturbating. As time goes on I realised I didn’t enjoy it and there is something wrong with it.

Then I came to know about no fap and how dopamine affects my brain and all other bad things happening in my body when I fap.

When I try to avoid that my urge doubles and my mind gives me lot of reasons and it’s like someone talking me to fap it’s like someone convincing me to fap. It’s like Someone in my head only talks to me when I get triggered. Almost all the time it tells me different reasons to fap. And I hate it !

I realised my mind is not in my control !

How can I get rid of that ? I already wasted 7 years in my life faping. There seems to be no way to get rid of the voice that convincing me when I get triggered.

I need help guys ! Any advice?


I get ya. I remember this one time a doctor did an exposition in my highschool about masturbation and birth-control, he talked about how healthy and normal masturbation is for teenagers, and I ended up believing in him. As well as you, I entered NoFap because I felt something wasn’t right, something’s not normal on this. First things first, the voice in your head is no one else than you, you’re trying to come with the perfect excuse to PMO, you’re trying to convince yourself that nothing bad will happen but also you, more than anyone, know this isn’t true. There’s no quick method to get over it, more than rewiring your mind by quiting masturbation in a long time, but there’s some things you may as well try out to keep the voice down most of the time. Probably you’ve seen already some of these methods, such as cold shower and workout, but you could try read a lot about nofap. why? Because when you’re making those excuses in mind you can use what you learned by reading as a counterargument, that’ll shut up the voice for quite some time. Wish you the best of luck!


It’s hard I wish someone was there to slap me hard on my face everytime I relapse .


Hahaha me too! I’m kinda jealous of the people who have active companions on this :sob:

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It is hard man :pensive: Whenever I try to leave it my brain becomes I don’t know how to say it, a little unstable… I will get dreams of porn :face_vomiting: sometimes I get sleep paralyzed. Sometimes restlessness for no reason at all. Then there are random urges which are half predictable but sometimes they come out of nowhere.

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When urge occurred open Rewire app or close your eyes take God name you feel better.

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I think I write the same thing(which you wrote above :point_up:) in my diary… How I relapsed.
Even I am looking for same answers…

And I got answers too…