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Yes, when i used to masturbate daily for many years i devolped pied.
I remember when first time i had sex with a prostitute i had no idea of what sex feels like. I had watched sex in porn so without actualy feeling the pussy i started thrusting with speed. And in few minutes The hard cook becomes inflated one. One thing also i couldnt ejaculate that times during sex because of the numbness of feelings and wrong belief of sex.
Once i had sex with my girlfriend and i lose my hardness of dick just after 3 seconds.

But things become different when i started semen preservation. Now i have no problem keeping my hardness. Actualy i can maintain a hard dick all day now if the moment arrives.
:black_small_square:The change is all due to feelings. Back then i was a Zombie. But when i started to preserve my sperms. It gave me all human feelings. Thus making me feel alive in the moment of action.