Some weird apps ad on youtube

So, i was searching about my english chapter which is coming on my exam.

But when i open the video , an ad without a skip button appears on the name of “lets play that game” which was basically a lesb*** s*x ad of the GAME!!!. So please, nofapers be alert. They will increase your urges. Now youtube is also not safe for us.
It was a general info to alert you all.
Hope you will be alert and never peek because of curiosity.

UPDATE: game’s name is Campus. Never install that shit.


Don’t mention the name @StealthChopperinbond some curious Georges will ruin the streak searching for what it is.

Google ads are personalized, so why are you getting all these ads? Because Google tracks you even in incognito mode

Yes you read that right. Google is facing a lawsuit because they do so, but the fact is, they do.

I don’t get these kind of ads fortunately :sweat_smile: I guess it’s cause I’ve never visited a p* site.


You know what , use YouTube ad free!
Its an app called YouTube Vanced. You can download and install it from . But its a third party!


Is porn sites and youtube connected?

No, it is because of our mentality. They lure us towards their games and then do a big scam, same with web series, Indian guys know about Altb*****. They are just spammming their ads on youtube.

@StealthChopperinbond Yes p* sites and YT are connected.

Nah bruh ads are personalized. I only get coding/filming/music/productivity ads because I only see things related to that. If you use a p* site, even in incognito, Google uses that data for ad tracking and will send you that kind of ads.
Personally I use adblock on YouTube in case I don’t want ads interrupting, for example in educational videos.

Whenever, i see a video there is an ad of softcore web series from altb*****. I am feed up from that

I am using my school email for youtube because my personal youtube channel got hacked. So, there is no chance for this.

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Dude then you better stop :joy: because the school will be able to see all you do even in incognito since it’s under their domain to do so

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I got the email in december on nofap and i have blocked my incognito mode by incogquito

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What a coincidence I posted the same sort of issue exactly an Year ago.

Get an Adblocker for your device… duh

For android