Some questions about hormones and such

So I’ve read many articles and also many posts in other forums from people that tried NoFap and got (in a way or another) serious improvements on their acne.
Turns out, I have acne (nothing crazy) but I’ve always wanted to get rid of it. So, my first question is, does getting rid of ejaculation itself help with this problem at all? You know, from hormones that result from ejaculating.
I want to know because I have a week streak of no ejaculating, however, I have watched P since then and sort of edged (twice). And that’s my last question, does edging and watching P actually affect acne in any way or another?

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Do not edge bro. You will place holes in your road . The road to heal yourself.


Yah, it is most probably true, as I have experienced the same effects as you have, and it also does make sense: when you ejaculate you also release a lot of minerals into oblivion, resulting in your overall body being somewhat less healthy. The more you do it, the more your face looks like a wreck. I know a guy that can back up my way of thinking extremely well.
(You can’t even talk to him about something for more than 5 minutes, it always turns to porn… don’t be that guy xD)