Soldier starting his journey

my longest streak was 10 days but since than even reaching 5 days has becomen extremly difficult for me. while I stop fapping I feal extremly motivated and I just feal the immense power flowing through my body its like I cant control it and than I relapse and everything becomes dark again. I loose every motivation I stop to think positive and end up depressed. its just so extremly hart to resist what can I do to change this? Im going to get married soon and I want to stop fapping completely before I marry my girlfriend


Stay with us here for awhile
We encourage each other , give advices and remind ourselves about it

You are about to get married and that thing will ruin your relationship with your wife , if you truly love her you gotta stop for her , but most importantly if you love yourself you gotta do it for yourself , whenever you feel depressed or you are about to fall down come here write down a diary , let us know so we can help
We all get moments of weakness that’s why we don’t live alone we always need someone to provide guidance , something’s we hold on to so we can keep our promises and goals going uninterrupted

Please think about it , it has no useful benefits only damaging you
You gotta do it for YOURSELF !


Dont even think for a second to marry before you complete your Reboot.


Thank you guys I will start to write a daily with the diary function

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Stay strong bro. I was in the same place as you but won’t be giving in to urges anymore. Let’s keep each other motivated.
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Guys where can I find my code?

In my companions tab, there is a + sign at the bottom right corner. You’ll get it from there


Just to warn you not to get disappointed
You say that you get married soon. Just don’t expect that you can be here for a month or two and your clean afterwards.

How long it will take depends on a lot of things


Motivation or not no quit, it’s normal. U need to help your will with meditation, cold showers, etc.
Also you can tell to your beyonce what are you doing. I’m sure she’ll appreciate what are you doing for her.


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Only thing I can recommend is working out